Grounded: Solidly rooted, safe, and taking up all the space you need

Heartfelt: I've been there, and if I haven't, I'll go there with you. I want us all to have a lighter, happier existence.

Practical: Useable, easy, day-to-day ways of bringing  you closer to your Rockin' Life!

Hello, my name is Lucie Walker, and have been an AAMET-certified EFT practitioner for 14 years. I enjoy a private practice of zoom and in-person clients who enjoy the intuition, insight, humor, and heart I bring to their sessions.

Exploring the Deeper Realm of EFT Healing with Clairsentience

I want to share what makes my approach to EFT a bit different. Apart from the traditional tapping method, I bring in something extra - my clairsentient abilities. Basically, I've got this intuitive sense that helps me really tune into and understand the emotions and energies at play.

It's like having a sixth sense for those subtle energies and deep-rooted emotions that often hide beneath the surface. This gift allows me to dig into the real reasons behind emotional blockages and address them head-on. So, when we're working together, it's not just about tapping away; it's a more holistic journey where I use this intuitive understanding to tailor the experience just for you.

In plain English, the feedback I receive often sounds like, “Oh my God, get out of my head!” ;)

If you're seeking a more intuitive and empathetic approach to your emotional well-being, I invite you to experience the difference that clairsentience can make in your EFT sessions. 

Feel free to reach out if you're curious or have any questions.  


All the best,